Playa del Carmen

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Playa del Carmen 4

Escaping the German winter and my slow but ever present work (not to mention Sabine’s not so slow and ever present ICU shifts) became increasingly important. So important, that I am now posting this from the pool in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We have been before, and each time a bit of the Cancun awfulness creeps down into Playa, taking away and hippy/lonely planet edge it may have had. But for us to forget the rigors of the German winter and sleep of the jet lag, it works. We will not stay here long, as it really has nothing to do with Mexico, but it is a kick in the ass. Too bad about all the Canadian hockey fans (and the sports bar below our hotel).

But best of all, it is Sunday, which is Mexican go the Beach Day. About 4 km north of Playa is the “locals” beach, with I always enjoy.

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Playa del Carmen 5