Most of the photos here were shot on film, Fuji Across or Neopan to be specific with a very old Leica M6. I maxed out my credit card one year out of college to buy it, which turned out to be a good investment.

That was 15 years ago.

A few of the newer photos are shot with a digital Leica M9, which I am lucky to own, but somehow it is not the same. I have far too many lenses for my own good, but I really only use three, a 35/1.4 ASPH, a 50/1.4 APSH (I got this one with my old M8, a sort of apology that it sucked for the first few months) and a 75/1.4. They both all open up places that I normally would not be able to shoot. I scan all my old stuff and the few rolls of film I still shoot on a Minolta 5400 Mark I, which is sadly no longer made.

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